The Belize Bank Limited

The Belize banking industry is comprised of five domestic banks and five international banks.The Belize Bank has a head office in Belize City, eleven branches and a network of 28 ATMs located in every major town and city throughout the country. This network provides the most comprehensive distribution channel of all the banks in Belize.The Belize Bank has an approximate 29.5 percent share of loans and a 33.0 percent share of deposits. Belize Bank's loan portfolio at December 31, 2015 amounted to $288.4 million.

Belize Bank's VISA and MasterCard credit cards allow customers to make purchases and access funds worldwide. The VISA Card also offers free travel accident insurance, free auto rental insurance and an array of emergency travel assistance services. 

Belize Bank Merchant Accounts provide Belizean based businesses with VISA, MasterCard, American Express (exclusive acquirer in Belize) and Discover electronic processing capability. The Merchant Accounts feature competitive discount rates, next day credits, convenient reconciliation through our online banking service and an effective support system. In direct response to the needs of its commercial customers, Belize Bank also offers Internet Merchant Accounts ("IMAs"), using PayPal's PayFlow Pro Internet payment gateway to enable the processing of credit card transactions via the internet.

We have deployed over 1,300 point of sale terminals and have a market share of merchant acquiring in Belize of over 40 percent.